Foot Massager (Certified Reconditioned)

$199 $299

• Variable speeds up to 4,000 RPM
• Easy-To-Use: with or without shoes

• The perfect gift for relief & relaxation!

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Customer Reviews

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Feet Relief

While nothing can cure the nerve damage resulting from a naturally occurring lower back fused spine, this machine offers tremendous relief from the resulting foot pain. I highly recommend it.

Good affordable unit

Only had it a few days but its portable and will be useful for its purpose


The foot massager really helps with issues with my feet. Due to injuries while in the military, right foot has been Partially amputated and my left foot has a permanently broken bone. The bone in my left foot will not heal with out surgery and the doctors do not want to operate on it. I notice a warm in this are of my foot after using the massager and much pain relief in both of my feet.

Met Expectations

I first encountered this foot massager at a trade show and was amazed how it rejuvenated tiring legs and feet. Now I’m using it to relax my legs before going to bed to minimize my Restless Leg disturbances. So far so good.

a great massager

Having worked on my feet most of my life I just assume that the daily foot pain is part of my routine. After trying multiple foot massager I just accepted the fact the pain was part of my life. Browsing one day i looked at foot spas hoping they might help somewhat and came across the MedMassager foot massager, and after reading the reviews decided to take a chance and ordered one. It arrived in days and after a night of walking on concrete in steel tipped boots, I unpacked it and turned it on. After 15 or 20 minutes I got up to get a snack from the kitchen and was half way there when I realized my feet didn't hurt. Knowing this has happened before and lasted but shortly , I was grateful nonetheless. The next morning, still no pain. The absence of pain lasted 2 and a half days and i used it again. I have only used it on the lowest speed so far, yet still works much better than any i have tried in my life. well built, made in the USA and very sturdy. Best purchase i have ever made. Well done , MedMassager and i have been singing your praises to everyone at work. Love it... Goodbye foot pain...