Foot Massager Classic

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Enjoy maximum relief from common aches and pains—without expending effort. The Foot Massager Classic is a streamlined version of our best-selling personal foot massager. It merges trusted technology with accessible features that produce real, rapid results. Equip yourself with a personal wellness essential that performs when and where you need it.

FDA Class I Medical Device
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What does it help—and how does it work?

Foot Massager Classic is used by doctors and therapists to promote healthy blood flow and reduce pain. It offers relief from the discomfort of common ailments while promoting deep healing.

Whole Body Pain

✔ Diabetes
✔ Neuropathy
✔ General back pain

Foot Pain

✔ Plantar fasciitis
✔ Heel/bone spurs
✔ Foot & ankle injuries

Leg Pain

✔ Calf & knee strain
✔ Thigh & hamstring pain
✔ Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

Gentle & Effective Treatment

Oscillating technology mimics the motion of a masseuse’s hands. A full-sized oscillating foot pad and arch bar target pressure points. The unique movement of the foot pad stimulates the flow of oxygen and nutrients through the body.

Designed for Targeted Results

The Foot Massager Classic merges user-friendly design with cutting-edge technology for therapeutic benefits.
Explore its unique features.

Integrated Arch Bar

Targets the arch of the foot and relaxes and the toes

Dual Speed Motor

Control your intensity with 2 custom speeds (up to 3,400 RPM)

Oscillating Foot Pad

Textured massage surface for comfortable treatment

Flexible Footwear Options

The Foot Massager Classic can be used with or without shoes & socks. Select whichever method feels most comfortable.

Clinical Study Insights

Source: PLoS One; 15(4): e0230951.

Decreased RLS Severity

MedMassager users experienced a substantial 42% decrease in Restless Legs Syndrome severity scores.

Enhanced Sleep Quality

The MedMassager group showed an impressive 45% improvement in Sleep Quality scores.

Improved Quality of Life

Individuals using MedMassager reported a significant 44% increase in Quality of Life scores.

Many lesser foot massagers (...) look sleek, but don’t deliver. MedMassager’s Foot Massager Machine skips the fancy designer looks altogether to provide one of the best, no-nonsense foot massagers on the market.
We love that you can rotate the massage machine between three positions, so you can easily rest your feet and legs at varying angles, delivering a specially targeted massage to the areas you need it the most.
The MedMassager is an excellent — if somewhat specialized — foot massager. If your top priority is improving circulation, the (MedMassager Foot Massager) is hands-down the best massager on the market.

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Customer Reviews

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Customer J.L.
Ultimate Soft Tissue Healing Tool

The best healing device I know of for soft tissue injuries. I had tendinitis in my ankle. I spent almost $2000 on laser treatments without results. I spent almost the same amount on accupuncture which normally worked for me over the past few decades, but it also didn't work. I learn of the MedMassager by chance when I saw it at a friend's house. He lent it to me, and within 10 days of using it my tendinitis was healed. Fast forward a year and I had a bicycle accident with serious trauma on the the same foot. I could put any weight on it. I knew exactly what I would do. Each day I put 4-5 hours of MedMassager time into that foot, and within 3 days I was off crutches. Within a week I was back on my bike. Just amazing. Absolutely amazing what this little machine can do.

Worth it

My husband needed this! Has helped with his foot pain! Highly recommend!

gary p.

Product received as advertised and should help with rls…

Tom O.

I am a previous user of this unit at my chiropractor's office. Highly effective and would recommend to others.

Ketan S.
Very satisfied

We r very satisfied with our purchase.

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