About MedMassager

On a mission to improve our customers' daily lives, MedMassager makes modern solutions that are effortless and effective.

Imagine knowing that your wellness is in your hands—that natural relief from chronic pain and discomfort is always within arm's reach. It's this kind of self-advocacy that drives MedMassager: a world-class brand providing advanced scientific solutions to the most common disruptive symptoms.

Whether you struggle with chronic pain from injury or poor circulation from illness, or you just need to release some tension, you'll find relief here. Our ultra-effective massagers are trusted by physicians and experts globally, so you can indulge in at-home therapy with peace of mind.

Founded 14 years ago, MedMassager is a family-owned brand that puts people first.

Our company may be global, but our service is personal. Tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, we combine 70+ years of expertise in the wellness field to deliver the most effective, easy-to-use home massagers on the market.

Our continuous research and innovation have led to distribution in 50 countries worldwide, but customer care is at the heart of what we do. As modern life shifts and changes, we rise to the challenge to improve quality, update configurations, and ensure our products deliver proven results.

MedMassager puts natural pain relief and deep relaxation solutions in your hands.

Stimulated nerve treatment helps to increase blood flow while dissolving discomfort and chronic pain.

Advanced therapeutic technology helps muscles relax and discomfort melt away. Deep stress and tension are released, promoting an overall feeling of wellness and ease.

Advocate for your health and peace of mind with easy, affordable at-home solutions that are trusted by physicians worldwide.

Each unit exceeds the most rigorous standards and conforms to both CSA and CE specifications.