Medvibe Max

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Indulge in effective and fast relief with twice the massage ball power. The Medvibe Max is a specially shaped unit that delivers deep vibrations to hard-to-reach areas. Three vibration modes let you switch up your therapy based on your unique needs. Experience soothing relief in the upper and lower body from the comfort of home—or on the go.

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Customer Reviews

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Tom R.
Great Little Massager!

Although I have a ‘gun’ type spot massager, which I have used ‘early and often’, but it’s constraint is that anything that’s not on the front or side of the body is awkward and tiring. The ‘peanut’ solves that problem for neck, back, glutes, hamstrings, calves and bottom of the feet. And, as hands-free, it can be used while riding in a car, etc.

Leland B.

Very relieving for soothing neck & back muscle tension.

Sweet Relief!

I really love the added benefit of the vibration and double ball system. I had been using a small rubber ball for those knotted areas in my back. This is so much better. I enjoy it on the spinal column and also for working the fascia.

Andy K.
Happy with VibeMax

I bought MedMassager Maxvibe and am very happy with device. The vibe moter is powerful and the battery lasts a long time between recharges. High quality build as expected.

dustin k.
great new massager

I had an issue initially but called and company was extremely helpful. I have been using twice a day since I got it, wonderful massager I can leave in place and melt away tension.