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The Important, But Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Vibrational/Oscillation Massagers

The Important, But Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Vibrational/Oscillation Massagers

You probably already know that a soothing massage from a masseuse can leave you feeling like a brand new person. But what about the oscillating or vibrational massagers that you can use at home? These devices seem to be everywhere, but are they actually good for you?

In short, yes — a vibration massager could bring you many unexpected health benefits. Read on to learn more about the research on vibration therapy, how it works, and what these tools can do for your well-being.

What Is Vibration Therapy and How Does It Work?

Vibration massage (or vibration therapy) uses rapid, short bursts of pressure to stimulate the muscles. Most of the time, you’ll hear people talk about two main types:

  • Whole-body vibration (WBV). You can typically experience WBV by standing, lying, or sitting on a vibrating platform. In some gyms, people will do parts of their workouts on WBV machines.
  • Localized vibration. This kind of vibration focuses on specific areas of the body (usually a muscle or group of muscles).

Both types of vibration massage create bursts of energy that cause your muscles to contract rapidly.

This puts a type of “mechanical load” on your muscles, although it’s a bit different than what you’d get from lifting weights or sprinting. For many people, this stimulation can work wonders for health and well-being.

The History and Modern Use of Vibration Therapy

A brief look at the history of vibration therapy shows that people have always had a hunch about its wellness benefits. 

Dr. Gustav Zander, born in 1835, was a Swedish man who was interested in the health benefits of exercise and vibration. So much so that he created one of the world’s first vibration therapy devices. And in more recent times, NASA has used vibration therapy to help support their astronauts’ muscle and bone health. 

Nowadays, people use vibration therapy for anything from burning fat to lowering stress hormones. But how does it all work, and what does the research have to say about it?

What Are the Benefits of Vibration Therapy?

Here are some of the surprising benefits of vibration massagers.

1. Boosts Muscle Health

Whether you’re an athlete, an older adult, or just want to keep your muscles in tip-top shape, a vibration massager can be a valuable part of your routine. 

In one review from 2018, researchers looked at how vibration therapy could impact healthy adults’ muscles. To get a big-picture view, they analyzed 11 different studies on vibration and muscle health.

Amazingly, they found that vibration could boost muscle strength in healthy adults. On top of that, other research has noted that vibration may help with muscle soreness after exercise.

2. Eases Pain 

Like other massage tools, vibration therapy could help ease pain for certain people. For example, one 2019 review found that whole-body vibration may have positive effects on chronic musculoskeletal pain. 

Aside from that, vibration massagers could help you reduce pain from sore muscles or trigger points. How does it work? In short, the bursts of movement work to relax your soft tissue and break up any concentrated points of tension.

3. Promotes Bone Health

A 2014 review found that low-intensity, high-frequency vibration can support bone health. In fact, the authors of the review noted that vibration seemed to create an anabolic effect in the body. And this can support bone mass and strength.

With that in mind, more research is needed to figure out how to best use vibration for bone health — including what frequency and intensity are best, and who can benefit most from it. 

4. Supports Healthy Blood Pressure

Some research points to the fact that vibration therapy may support healthy blood pressure.

For example, one small study set out to see the effects of whole-body vibration on postmenopausal women. The women completed eight weeks of WBV training three times per week, with a routine of four static and four dynamic leg exercises. Incredibly, the results showed that vibration training led to improvements in blood pressure.

In another study, six weeks of WBV training lowered aortic systolic blood pressure in younger women with obesity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Vibration Therapy

Vibration massagers can offer a whole host of health benefits. But you still might have questions about how they work (and what they can do.)

Here are some answers to the most common questions on vibration and oscillation massagers.

Can Vibration Therapy Help with Weight Loss?

In the past, research on vibration therapy and weight loss had mixed results. However, a 2021 review found that WBV could help with fat loss when combined with diet and exercise. 

Now, it’s still hard to say whether vibration alone can help with weight loss. But it still may be worth trying alongside physical activity and a healthy diet. 

Are There Any Risks of Oscillation and Vibrational Massagers?

Vibration therapy is relatively safe, but there are some key things to keep in mind before starting:

  • Not all vibration plates and massage tools are made equal. Take your time to look for reputable brands before you get started. In specific, it’s best to stick to products that physicians and health professionals trust.
  • Check with your doctor if you are pregnant or have any health conditions. Certain conditions can interact poorly with vibration therapy. If you’re unsure about anything, be sure to check with a physician who can give you advice based on your current status of health.

Vibration Massage’s Unexpected Benefits: The Takeaway

If you’ve been curious about trying vibration and oscillation massagers, you’re not alone. On top of being relaxing, they can offer some remarkable benefits for your well-being. According to the research, vibration therapy may support:

  • Muscle strength
  • Bone health
  • Blood pressure
  • Pain levels

Having said that, not everyone is a good fit for vibration massage. So, be sure to ask your doctor whether or not it’s right for you. They can help you determine the safety, potential benefits, and how to best fit it into your routine.

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