The MedMassager brand was established with a very simple idea in mind: Provide outstanding, easy-to-operate, and quality products that improve customers’ every day activities.

The United States currently has more individuals in the aging population than any other time in our nation’s history. Those in this population— as well as individuals of any age who have been diagnosed with diabetes, suffered nerve damage or wrestle with other circulatory/inflammatory conditions —may find that aches, chronic pain and physical limitations negatively influence activities of daily life (ADLs).

The drive at MedMassager is to consistently bring products to market that allow us to safely, and naturally, offer solutions to help relieve pain. The doctor-patient relationship is changing in this era of freely available information and treatment plans. As an informed individual, your healthcare management is more hands-on and direct than ever before. The MedMassager family of medical massage products are designed to provide some of the tools that you need to be an effective manager of your own body, your circulation and pain.

After years of research and development, hundreds of thousands of happy customers and scores of customer suggestions, we are confident that we have the very best medical massage units available today for in-home therapy. 

Company History

MedMassager and its parent company are family-owned, operated and supported. Relying on over 70 years of combined expertise, the family has been able to leverage this considerable knowledge to develop and present to you arguably the finest therapeutical, medical massagers in the world. Our company is headquartered in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina and our reach is international with distributors and partners across the globe.

Many of our products and components are manufactured in partnership with one of the leading medical product’s development companies in Shanghai. Every unit produced exceeds the most rigorous standards in the world to date, and conforms to both CSA and CE specifications. Interestingly, this medical product’s development company is also family-owned and operated. Two families work together from across the world to bring our customers the best products in the world.

The grandfather version of the MedMassager was invented over 30 years ago by Max Buchanan in his workshop in Missouri. Max, a very talented engineer, identified a need for simple, yet powerful massage products. His quest then was the same as ours is now: “To provide outstanding, easy-to-operate, and quality products that allow customers to safely, and naturally, relieve their pain and revitalize their everyday lives.”

Max’s vision and brilliance led to the invention and development of oscillating massage technology. Many years later, the MedMassager family of products honor Max’s memory by continuing to constantly innovate and never be satisfied with mediocrity.

Today you can find a MedMassager in your therapist’s or chiropractor’s offices, local retail stores, online or sold in over 50 countries worldwide. Our company may be global, but our service is personal.

Mission Statement

MedMassager is committed to achieve sustainable growth to the benefit of our demonstrators, employees and stakeholders by providing a comprehensive range of high-quality products and by fostering mutually beneficial relationships with all our customers both during, and after, the sales experience.

“To provide outstanding, easy-to-use, quality products that allow customers to safely, and naturally, relieve their pain and revitalize their everyday lives”.

Sales Structure and Reach

The MedMassager family has three distinct divisions, providing various massage and massage-related products to customers around the world.

  1. Our medical division provides high quality massage products and after the sale service to doctors, therapists and institutions both in the US and internationally. Focused on patient well-being and rehabilitation, we are able to provide the tools that enable healthcare professionals to provide outstanding care.
  2. Our OEM supplier division allows smaller companies to cost-effectively supplement their existing product-range with our incredible products. We provide custom packaging and labeling so that they may build their brand. We are able to tailor the products to suit their individual and unique requirements.
  3. Our retail division focuses on providing high-quality massage products directly to consumers one unit at a time. We leverage our considerable knowledge bank from all three divisions to provide excellent sales and support directly to an individual consumer. We spare no expense to educate and inform our customers about the units we sell, their effectiveness, and their best operating and handling procedures. We employ only the very best sales representatives to professionally represent our company and products, and to always work in the best interest of the customers. MedMassager’s sales representatives connect with customers both nationally and internationally through organized trade show events and more intimate retail special events. By demonstrating our product line in a one-on-one setting, our company is able to focus on a particular customer’s needs and provide an individualized sales experience unheard of in today’s anonymous retail landscape.