The American Chiropractic Association Recommends Moving Now to Reduce Back Pain


The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) celebrates National Chiropractic Health Month this October.

During the entire month of October, the ACA encourages individuals to “Move-4-Life” to help improve and maintain their over-all health and musculoskeletal systems. As part of celebrating Chiropractic Heath Month, chiropractic health professionals will be providing information about musculoskeletal health and tips for staying active and preventing injury. 

According to, movement is vital for health. Movement not only reduces a person’s risk for cardiovascular disease, Type 2 Diabetes and certain types of cancer, but is also good for the bones, heart and muscles. Movement— specifically weight-bearing exercises— helps improve bone density and strengthens our muscles, including the heart.

According to the ACA, exercise is not only good for the muscles and joints, but also can reduce the frequency and intensity of back pain and falls, or other injuries, that can lead to disability. “For these reasons, it is essential to move now, to move later, to move for life and to stay healthy, strong, active and engaged,” the site says.

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