Study Suggests Heart Disease Can Be Reversed With Exercise


A new study published in the journal Circulation, found that prior sedentary individuals even into middle-age could reverse heart disease by exercising.

According to a BBC News article published about this study,  there is one catch, however; Individuals would need to do aerobic exercise four-to-five days a week for two years in order to see these positive results.

“Dr Benjamin Levine, lead author of the study and the founder and director of the Institute for Exercise and Environmental Medicine, a joint programme between Texas Health Resources and UT Southwestern Medical Center Dallas, Texas told the BBC ‘the take-home message from the research is that exercise needs to be a part of people’s personal hygiene, like teeth brushing.'”

According to the study, sedentary behaviors such as sitting or lounging for long periods negatively impacts health and contributes to heart disease.

“You need to find ways to incorporate it [exercise] into your daily activities, Dr. Levine said.”

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