How to Reduce Bloating and Relieve Gas With Bowel Massage, Diet and Yoga

Many adults experience bloating and gas pains every now and then. As you age, your digestive system naturally slows. Also, most aging adults aren’t as physically active as they used to be and tend to take more medication. These, in addition to unhealthy eating habits, may be contributing to your bloating. 

The key to relieving bloating is releasing gas through flatulence or belching. If you find it hard to do either, the following methods can help: 


1. Yoga Poses

The most basic yoga poses are another helpful way to relax the stomach and relieve trapped gas in the abdomen. In addition to improving strength, balance, and flexibility, yoga positions give your abdominals a nice stretch. This will relax the muscles and make it easier for your body to push out built-up gas.  

  • Child’s Pose: Start with your hands and knees on the mat and shift your hips back until your buttocks touch your heels. Lower your stomach onto your thighs and forehead to the mat. Reach out your arms in front of your body and hold.

  • Happy Baby Pose: Lying on your back, lift up your legs and bend your knees towards the outer sides of your body. Next, grab your feet with your hands and gently pull them towards you, breathing deeply.

  • Knees-to-chest Pose: Also lying on your back, pull your knees down to your chest together while also tucking in your chin. Place your behind your knees or around your legs and hold in a hugging position.

    2. Bowel Massage
  • Deep abdominal massages can help increase blood flow to the abdomen and encourage muscle relaxation. By simply applying pressure in gentle, circular motions can assist in removing gas blockages in the intestines. Stomach massages are an effective way to stimulate your digestive tract and significantly aid in digestion.  Our MedMassagers can be placed over the stomach to aid in bowel massage. Use on a low setting and work in a circular motion clockwise.

    3. Diet

    Lastly, sometimes the type of food you eat is the guilty culprit of gas pains. Monitoring your food intake for signs of intolerance is a proactive way to reduce bloating. Aside from beans, your digestive tract can be sensitive to several other foods and beverages, including dairy products and sodas. 


    Some home remedies, such as natural detoxes, can also aid in digestion and reduce gas pains. Certain herbs, specifically peppermint and chamomile, contain antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties that soothe the gut. Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is another common household item with similar properties. ACV helps the digestive system break down food quickly and eliminate toxins in the body. 

    Bloating can be an unpleasant experience. Thankfully, massage techniques, MedMassagers and natural remedies can help. For more tips on reducing bloating and gas relief, check out the infographic below.