How to Maximize Circulation During the Colder Months


Poor circulation in certain individuals can be exasperated during colder months. Whether a person suffers with peripheral neuropathy, diabetes, peripheral artery disease or the like, it is encouraged to increase circulation—especially during winter months—through exercise, massage, and protecting the body by keeping oneself dry and warm.

Why is Circulation Important, and How Can You Tell if You Have Poor Circulation?

Every single cell in the body relies on receiving the right amount of nutrition and oxygen from the blood. Having proper blood flow within the body to deliver those vital components is incredibly important. 

In addition, cells need blood flow to remove waste products. The lymphatic system plays an integral part working alongside the circulatory system by filtering out waste, pathogens and toxins at the lymph nodes. When the lymphatic system is not working properly, the immune system will also be compromised as the lymphatic system deals with antibody production and transportation— another reason people are more susceptible to sickness and colds during the winter months.

Having proper circulation will ensure that oxygen and nutrients are pumped from the heart throughout the body, allowing all systems to function optimally.

As circulation to your vital organs (e.g. heart, brain and digestive system) takes priority, when your blood circulation slows down it normally affects your hands and feet first.

When circulation is poor, not only does the body struggle to send blood flow to the extremities, but also the vital organs.

According to, “The body can also be exposed to a host of other issues like fluid retention, cellulite and, much more, significantly putting stress on the heart, the kidneys and even the eyes.”

A few additional tips to help maximize blood circulation during winter months can also include watching one’s caffeine intake due to narrowing of blood vessels, and ceasing to smoke as smoking slows blood circulation. Also, alcohol consumption can cause vitamin deficiencies and in excess, cause damage to peripheral nerves.

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