How to Have a Healthier Thanksgiving When You're Watching Calories


The holidays can be the worst time to try and start a diet. In fact, it may be equally the worst time to maintain a diet or even healthy regimen. Here are a few ways to have a healthier holiday:

1.) Avoid Holiday Weight Gain: Don’t splurge! It can be easy to turn one cheat meal, or one cheat day, into cheating the entire holiday. Don’t deprive yourself but, also don’t convince yourself you have ruined it if you eat one extra cookie or a cheat meal. By doing this, you can spread those calories out more evenly over the long haul.

2.) Be Consistent: Consistency is key

3.) Treat Yourself: According to, “Some dietitians argue in favor of cheat days, when you can enjoy foods on your no-go list in small quantities to avoid feeling deprived and binging on forbidden foods later on.”

4.) Plan a Post-Meal Walk or Work-Out: Committing to a workout routine even during the holidays can help burn off those extra calories so you don’t have to feel guilty for eating some extra holiday treats!

5.) Stop Eating When You Feel Satisfied: Thanksgiving doesn’t need to be a time when you eat stuffing until you feel sick. You can eat all of the foods you like, but maintain control by letting that satisfied feeling dictate when to stop.

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