7 Fun Ways to Boost Blood Circulation


The circulatory system is one of the most powerful systems in the body, delivering key nutrients and oxygen to every cell. Proper blood circulation is a sign of good health and can help you enjoy life to its fullest extent. Here are seven ways to help boost your blood circulation today:

  1. Get a Massage
  2. Lift Heavier Weight: According to Men’s Health, “Supercharge your next heavy workout by improving the flow of blood in your brachial artery (upper arm). This will increase nutrient delivery to your muscles during workouts, ensuring you finish that third set triumphantly.Research from the Athens Medical School found that one cup of green tea widens your brachial artery in just 30 minutes.”
  3. Live Longer: Keeping your heart strong will help you live longer. Studies show that biking is great for the heart and can even help the growth of new blood vessels.
  4. Enjoy a Better Sex Life
  5. Keep Your Energy Up: Enjoying watermelon can help relax blood vessels. This will help your recovery from a morning workout. Second, eating watermelon will prevent artery walls from thickening, which can trigger lethargy as the afternoon drags on.
  6. Engage in More Power Exercises: Increase blood flow to your legs to produce more explosive moves
  7. Get Better Sleep

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