Foot Massager

Feel better from the bottom, up. Trusted by physicians and wellness-minded customers like you, the MMF07 foot massager is a revolution in personal care. Activate increased circulation, soothe away discomfort, and promote deep healing as you rest. Advanced therapeutic technology helps increase mobility and reduce chronic pain, all from the comfort of home.

• FDA Certified
• 11 variable speeds up to 4,000 RPM
• Easy-To-Use: with or without shoes
• Ideal for daily relaxation and self-care

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The modern way to find fast relief:

Whole Body Pain

✔️ Diabetes
✔️ Neuropathy
✔️ General back pain

Foot Pain

✔️ Heel spurs
✔️ Foot & ankle injuries
✔️ Plantar fasciitis

Leg Pain

✔️ Calf & knee strain
✔️ Restless leg syndrome
✔️ Thigh & hamstring pain

Gentle & Effective Treatment

Gentle & Effective Treatment

Oscillating technology mimics the motion of a masseuse’s hands, rotating the massage pad in a circular motion that's both soothing and effective.

You're In Control

Our foot massager offers 11 distinct speeds—up to 4000 RPM—so you can enjoy customized relief and results.

Durable & Easy To Use

Crafted with you in mind, our full-sized oscillating foot pad and arch bar precisely targets pressure points, with or without shoes.

Technical Specs

Size: 16" x 12" x 9.5"

Weight: 11 lbs

Model Number: MMF07

Full-Replacement Warranty: 1 year

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