Mental Health Issues Directly Impact Back Pain


For years, researchers have studied the connection between back pain and mental health issues. According to Practical Pain Management and a late 2016 study published in General Hospital Psychiatry,1 “researchers found many countries with predominantly people in the low-to-middle income range suffer from back pain and chronic back pain much in the same way as people in more developed higher income nations.”

In previous years, the lack of data in less-developed nations prevented doctors from drawing conclusions about the connection of back pain and mental health issues, although they explored the idea that back pain can influence mental health and vice versa.

The study proved to be a massive epidemiological undertaking involving the World Health Organization and included 43 low-middle-income countries. The study showed that mental health and stress influenced pain greatly. According to the study, “all types of mental ailments— including depression, psychosis, anxiety or sleeping problems— were associated with a much higher prevalence of some sort of back pain or chronic pain.”

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