How to Live Well With Diabetes All Year Around


Tackling diabetes can feel intimidating, especially when the diagnosis is Type 1, and not at all related to lifestyle factors. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention recommend seven tips to help you live well with diabetes now and always.

1 Make and eat healthy food.

2 Be active most days.

3 Test your blood sugar often.

4 Take medicines as prescribed, even if you feel good.

5 Learn ways to manage stress.

6 Cope with the emotional side of diabetes.

7 Go to checkups.

Eat Healthy:
 Eating healthy doesn’t have to be bland. Find time to make food you and your family likes.

  • Eating healthy can coincide with staying true to your budget.
  • Keep track of your meals
  • Eat more veggies!

Stay Active:

  • Exercise is still one of the best way to tackle diabetes.
  • Find an accountability partner: Having someone to keep you accountable will help you adhere to your workout regimen.
  • Check an activity tracker to keep track of your steps or invest in some workout videos.

Manage Stress:

  • Yoga and meditation are great ways to manage stress
  • Keep moving, whether it be an afternoon stroll or a workout regimen.

Cope With the Emotional Side of Diabetes:

Start with making manageable and achievable goals! Small steps can equal big results to managing the disease and feeling well.

See the Doctor:

Make sure to keep your appointments with your doctor; Everyone needs regular check-ups.

Keep learning in order to manage your car when life situations arise such as a new health condition or a new event affects how you take care of yourself. Ask your doctor for a diabetes health educator in your area to help you navigate new situations.

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