Healthier Alternatives for A Diabetic Friendly Cinco De Mayo


According to Diabetic Foodie, if you’re looking for alternatives for a healthier Cinco De Mayo, then you are in luck!

Here are some quick and dirty tips to help you have the best Cinco De Mayo ever:

1.) Trade the refried beans for black beans

2.) Choose more chicken or fish over  beef

3.) Trade flour for corn tortillas

4.) Consume more guac and salsa instead of corn chips

5.) Ditch the sugary syrup. Try a real Margarita which includes tequila, lime and a lower glycemic sugar option such as agave syrup or stevia.

6.) Be skeptical of the taco salad: watch out for the big flour salad bowl, and the loads of cheese and sour cream.

7.) Skip the sugary desserts and try a paleo or low-sugar option!

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