The Three Top Herbs That Help Invigorate the Circulatory System


Did you know that certain herbs have what’s known in Chines medicine as a “warming effect” on the body, and aid in circulation to the skin, improving skin conditions and contributing to a healthy glow?

“Warming herbs have a variety of benefits, specifically their ability to aid circulation. Recently, I’ve had multiple clients come in for facials who are experiencing poor circulation. Having good circulation is one of the main keys to good health. When there is stagnation in your body and your blood isn’t flowing properly throughout your circulatory system, it makes it harder for your organs to continue to do their jobs. With that being said, ultimately, good circulation helps you achieve the glowing skin you strive for, seeing as stagnation leads to the build up of toxins, which then leads to dull skin.”

Read the rest of the article to find out Ceclia Wong’s three top herbs that help invigorate the circulatory system and remove stagnation from blocked Qi (otherwise known, and pronounced, as Chi)in the body.

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