Massage Lyfe's Best Foot Massagers of 2018


MedMassager made the list! compiled a list of the best foot massagers of 2018 and we checked out as the #1 item. This is a comprehensive list that compares our massagers to other massagers, and lists the pros and cons for each one!

According to the site, the MedMassager’s Pros include the following:


  • Great for Raynaud’s (circulation disorder)
  • Very strong: 11 speeds (1000-3700 rpm)
  • Addresses numbness, tingling, and frozen-to-the-bone feeling
  • Helps (diabetic) peripheral neuropathy
  • Clinical and therapeutical
  • Great customer service
  • The design addresses two problems its competitor’s products don’t:
    • Accommodates bigger feet
    • Can tilt to target Achilles heal and calves

For the rest of the article and comparisons between MedMassager and three of the other top massagers, read here.