Celebrate World Diabetes Day On November 14


Celebrate Diabetes Awareness Month all month-long with these simple steps:

World Diabetes Day is globally celebrated on November 14 to raise awareness about both types of diabetes.

According to beyondtype1.org, there are four main ways to celebrate WDD: inspire, educate, give back and know the history. 

For those of you who would like to get involved and advocate for a great cause, tag @beyondtype1 on Twitter, Instagram of Facebook. Also, use #NDAM and #beyondtype1.

1.) Inspire:

Tell your own personal stories. How did you overcome some of the everyday struggles with diabetes or navigate new situations? Also, check out beyondtype1.org’s new Pinterest quote board. Share inspirational quotes on your social media channels to garnish support. The inspirational board is meant to light up those dark days for diabetes sufferers.

2.) Educate:
Education is key to dispel mistruths about diabetes. The site suggests giving a presentation at your school or work. They will send you all of the materials needed.

What you need to know about diabetes. Diabetes is an incurable-autoimmune disease not based on lifestyle factors.

Type 1 requires a dependency on insulin for life and requires fore-planning to avoid potentially life-threatening situations.

Check out the site for other ways to advocate and share about both types of diabetes on social media!

3.) Give Back:

Fund research for a cure, and programs that help those with diabetes live better lives.

The site also includes a list of downloadables for use in a school setting or other educational purposes. Click here. 

Take a look at the global impact and the rest of the article here.

4.) Know the History:

Show your respects to the history of the disease and the progress of technology to treat it. Also, learn about possible future treatments including an artificial pancreas.