Back-to-School Health Tips


Going back to school can be an exciting time for parents and children, and also a begrudging time. Kids may feel constrained when sitting in a classroom for five-plus hours a day, compared to summers where they have more opportunity to get outside, play with their friends and engage in more physical activities. Here are a few tips to help your kids start this school year off on the right track.


According to, 17 percent of children ages two to 19 are obese, and a whopping 40 percent of total daily calories are empty calories from sugar and solid fats.

For parents whose children are picky eaters, the site recommends that parents do NOT use food as a reward, be a role model with healthy eating habits and continue introducing new foods periodically. According to other research, taste buds change every few weeks and the number of taste buds tend to decrease with age, changing what people prefer at different ages (link to article here).

Here are FOUR HEALTH TIPS for parents with children going back to school:

1 Watch out for Head Lice

2 Stop Bullying

3 Check for Scoliosis. Every prevention is key

4 Check Vision regularly especially if your child squints, strains, or holds handheld devices extremely close to his/her face.


Encourage children to be active during physical education and suggest they participate in sports. Exercise has so many health benefits including keeping one’s heart healthy and may decrease depressed feelings in certain individuals.

Let’s Talk About Sleep:

Sleep is very important for people of any age, and especially growing children.

1.) Sleep is just as important as healthy eating and exercise.

2.) 8-10 hours of sleep a night is the magic number!

3.) Establish a healthy sleep routine

Also, make sure to be vocal and talk with your kids and their teachers about your child’s learning style, likes and dislikes, or any other issue that may impact performance or your child’s ability to learn.

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