8 Tips To Spruce Up Your Spring Health Routine


While this time of year brings spring cleaning, longer and warmer days, and new beginnings, experts across America shared exclusively with NBC news about how to spice up your health routine too!

1.) Pencil Yourself In
“According to Dr. Jannell MacAulay, a wellness educator, performance specialist, and lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Air Force, spring is the perfect time to re-evaluate one’s habits. ‘When you’re always putting other people’s needs ahead of your own, your performance as a parent, professional and leader can suffer’, she says. To break this bad pattern, MacAulay offers advice of starting your day with taking a few deep breaths, or scheduling time for a quick workout or walk around the block with a friend.

‘Taking care of yourself is a great way to increase performance and overall wellbeing,’ MacAulay says.”

2.) Get Outside:
Celebrity trainer and self-care expert, Rosalia Chann explains that while being active 100% of the time is not necessary, getting outdoors can you not only help you relieve stress, but provide you with an opportunity to bond with a friend.

3.) Get Some Sunlight:
These days vitamin D deficiency is pretty common. Getting some unprotected sunlight per day is actually recommended because while sunscreen protects the skin against harmful UVB/UVA rays, it also prevents against vitamin D absorbance.

4.) Change Up Your Workout Routine:
Have you tried interval training? Four-minute bursts of high intensity training can maximize results and help you burn tons of calories. Nashville-based celebrity fitness trainer, Josh Rogers says. Rogers also recommends alternating 20 seconds of max training followed by rest periods of 10-seconds for eight rounds each work-out.

5.) Take Up a New Hobby:
Gardening is a great way to not only bond with nature, but increase Vitamin D levels. 

6.) Give Your Spice Rack a Sprucing Too:
Adding spice to your life is a great way to add flavor to any meal without loading up on sugar and salt.

7.) Unplug from Electronic Devices:
Mindfulness is a great way to be in the moment and stimulate the senses

8.) Work On Your Sleep Routine:
Experts recommend getting between 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Anything less than that can adversely affect one’s health over time.

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