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Get effective, fast-acting relief and from pain and discomfort. The Body Massager Plus is a modern essential for targeted muscle massage, increased circulation, and full-body relaxation. Localized treatment lets you ease tension, soothe irritated nerves, and embrace self-care on your own terms.

FDA Class I Medical Device
1-Year Warranty Included

What does it help—and how does it work?

The Body Massager Plus offers a quick and controlled way to get full-body relief, whether you're dealing with chronic pain or a recovering from an active lifestyle. It delivers a powerful massage that boosts circulation, easing tension and pain.

Whole Body Pain

✔ Diabetes
✔ Tendonitis
✔ Neuropathy

Upper Body Pain

✔ General back pain
✔ Neck & shoulder strain
✔ Carpal tunnel syndrome

Lower Body Pain

✔ Calf & knee strain
✔ Thigh & hamstring pain
✔ Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)

Gentle & Effective Treatment

Oscillating technology mimics the motion of a masseuse’s hands. Choose your custom speed and apply the rotating massage pad directly to problem areas. The unique movement of the pad stimulates the flow of oxygen and nutrients.

Targeted Full-Body Relief

The Body Massager Plus offers a versatile range of uses. Innovative features allow you to customize your therapeutic massage routine.

Variable speed motor

Choose your preferred intensity with adjustable speeds (up to 4,000 RPM)

Easy-to-hold handles

You're in control with slip-resistant grips

Cushioned contouring surface

A large, soft massage pad forms to the body

Your wellness journey begins here.

Ready to start feeling better? Reclaim your comfort and advocate for your health. The Body Massager Plus is a physician-approved solution that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

I absolutely love the MedMassager Body Massager! It feels great, it’s effective, and it’s easy to use on most body parts by yourself. It’s the perfect compliment to my MedMassager Foot Massager!

Andrew R.

My wife has significant back pain and this massager has already helped her find relief. I like that it is so adaptable to different areas from the back to the shoulders, legs, arms, etc.

Roger N.

My mom has dealt with nerve irritation in her back which has produced constant itching. The MedMassager is the only therapy which has calmed the nerves and reduced the itching by 95%.

Vera S.

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Motor power
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Customer Reviews

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David P.
Relief for my feet

I purchased my MedMassager after using one at my therapy sessions. I really believe it is helping me with my neuropathy.

Marguerite F.
Refurbished MedMassager

We love it! I purchased as a gift for myself and my husband. It provides real relief. I just hope it continues to function for a very long time! Great purchase.

Great product

Love it.

Deborah M.

My husband and I both love the foot massager and the body massager. We do get pain relief from both.

Joseph P.
Fantastic product

Have used the product for the past month, and it has given me fantastic relief. Five stars!

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