Some of the Funniest Things We Found on the Internet Today to Give You a Chuckle During Quarantine


Times may be unpredictable. Times may be hard. There is a lot of uncertainty with the future of the health of loved ones, the economy, and when the quarantine will be over due to COVID-19. We at MedMassager want you to know that we stand with you, and we are doing our best to be there for you during this time. As the old saying goes, we think humor is the best medicine.

For those who need a laugh today, we have researched some funny things going on around the internet right now, and this is what we found:

1.) Man Sets Up Makeshift Treadmill in His Kitchen Using Dish Soap— as reported by the U.S. Sun.

2.) This is How Care Home Residents in South Wales Do Self-Isolation— Human Hungry Hippos

3.) How to Make an Old-Fashioned With a Hammer and a Paper Clip— And Don’t Forget to Fill Out the Census

4.) Ellen DeGeneres’ Tips to Get Through the Quarantine— YouTube

5.) How Ellen is Passing the Time During the Quarantine— A Whole Lot of NOTHING— YouTube

6.) This Dog Hates Trash Cans— Watch What Happens

7.) Celeb Memes/Thoughts During COVID-19 to Keep You Occupied For Hours— Comments by Celebs Instagram

8.) Laugh Away The Apocalypse With These 15 Coronavirus Memes by Forbes