October and Child Health Day


Child health Day is about raising awareness of how to develop and protect children’s health.

According to Timeanddate.com,

“As part of the annual presidential proclamation for the day, all agencies and organizations interested in child welfare are invited to unite on Child Health Day to observe exercises to stimulate or increase people’s awareness of the need for a year-round program to protect and develop children’s health in the United States.”

Across the U.S., health officials and organizations participate in this day via various events and activities. Organizations that participate include the Health and Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and the Maternal and Child Health Library. The HRSA provide educational resources for parents, children and schools on healthy food choices and obesity prevention. They also ask all surgeon general’s across the nation to make a pledge towards a healthy future for children. The Maternal and Child Health Library participate in Child Health Day through activities that focus on healthy eating and staying active.

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