Five Tips to Keep Dad Healthy All Year Round

The week leading up to Father’s Day is internationally recognized as Men’s Health Week.

The CDC has come up with five extensive tips to help men stay healthy all year around.

1. Healthy Habits Start With Healthy Choices

   a) Make sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables daily. Fruits and veggies are filled with essential nutrients and minerals known to help ward off chronic illness

   b) Limit foods high in calories or sugar and alcohol consumption

   c) Make sure to engage in plenty of regular activity. The recommended amount of activity weekly is 2 1/2 hours. Physical activity not only reduces a person’s risk for cardiovascular disease and cancer but can also improve ones health and mood

2. Use Condoms Every Time: Wearing protection helps prevent the spread of the Zika virus if you have more than one partner

3. Men Should Get Regular Check-Ups and Screenings at the Doctor

4. Know the Signs and Symptoms of a Heart Attack

5. Seek Help for Depression

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