Enjoy Easter With These 7 Simple Tips


Easter may filled with Easter Bunnies, egg hunts, and bright colors, but the origin of Easter dates back to the beginnings of Christianity. It is also probably the oldest Christian observance after the Sabbath Resurrection.

According to Howstuffworks.com,  enjoying Easter was never as easy as these seven steps:

  1. Savor Each Bite: If your watching your weight, one tip that can help any person avoid overeating is to savor each bite. Don’t deprive yourself as it will be much easier to indulge later. Pick a few treats, and savior each bite.
  2. Start New Traditions: Cooking fresh meat can keep the sodium levels down. So you may want to cook that ham this year instead of purchasing one at the store.
  3. Prepare Your Own Healthy Options: If you are attending a party and worried about the options, you may want to prepare a health conscious dish you can indulge in too.
  4. Go Crustless! Eat the pie, but without the crust! Bake apple, peaches, etc and add your favorite spices, such as cinnamon.
  5. Ditch the Scale: The scale can be intimidating and some people can obsess over it. Use your clothing as an indicator of weight loss or weight gain
  6. Hide the Easter Candy: If you know you will have a tendency to eat all of the Easter candy, hide it after the holidays are over so it will be out of reach
  7. Throw Away the Elastic: Elastic can trick you into thinking you have more space and cause you to overeat. Wear something that makes you comfortable but not something baggy

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