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Knee pain can arise from a variety of causes, but here we'll discuss knee pain caused by simple arthritis or a mild strain.

The MedMassager can be used to lesse the pain in your knee joints and reduce muscle spasms in the surrounding muscles. It's imperative to strengthen the muscles surrounding the knee, including the quadriceps (front of thigh), hamstrings (back of upper leg), gastrocnemius/soleus group (calf), and the ilio-tibial band which rests diagonally across the thigh.

Technique recommendations

1. Start with heat or ice, whichever is most comfortable and relieving for you. Switch off between heat and ice every 15-20 minutes.

2. To relieve muscle spasms, use a mild topical warming gel like Sombra. Gently rub it into the muscle area, concentrating on areas with painful knots that are directly over and behind the knee joint itself.

3. Begin using the MedMassager body massager on a low setting for the first minute or two. Then, slowly bring up the speed to whatever feels best to you.

If you can, use a rhythmic motion with mild to moderate pressure. Spend about 15 minutes maximum per area.

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