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I'm not in the United States, will I be able to use the MedMassager with an adapter?

MedMassagers are available in 110/120V 60Hz and 220/240V 50Hz models. The 220/240V models are available in two power plug configurations:

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What other products do you make?

We only manufacture our two MedMassager devices, the foot massager and body massager.

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Are you actively hiring sales reps?

Please email us at to get in touch with our careers team.

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I saw the MedMassager at a trade show demonstration, can I get a discount?

We do not offer our trade show or demonstration discounts online.

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How long will my MedMassager last?

For the average physical therapist who uses the MedMassager on patients daily, the device lasts for up to 10 years! The lifespan of your MedMassager will depend on your usage amount. For an extra peace of mind, we also offer extended warranty plans at checkout.

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Will my insurance or Medicare cover MedMassager devices?

Depending on your plan, private insurance may reimburse you for all or part of the purchase of the massager, typically dependent on a specific medical condition and doctors recommendation deeming medical massagers necessary. Medicare does not cover MedMassager devices at this time.

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How does the MedMassager reduce inflammation?

Tissue inflammation is caused by an irritant from pain, infection, or swelling. The MedMassager helps reduce swelling and relax the muscles, break ing the pain cycle.

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Does massage actually work for long term treatment?

Massage is a proven adjunctive therapy to relax tight muscles, improve blood circulation, and break the chronic pain cycle through intense stimulation.

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How fast should you move the MedMassager across an area of the body?

We recommend moving the MedMassager slowly to get the best result in circulation, especially in sore areas. Aim for 12 inches of movement every 3 seconds.

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Can I use the MedMassager anywhere on my body?

We do not recommend using the MedMassager on the face, back, or top of the head. Be sure to use caution if you have a pacemaker or medical conditions that affect a particular part of the body.

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