What The Healing Cave Lady Wants You to Know About MedMassager

What The Healing Cave Lady Wants You to Know About MedMassager

Erin Rollins
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The Healing Cave lady, CNTP, is a certified nutritional therapist practitioner and health and wellness guru who shares nutritional and health advice, healing potions and products that will rock your world. 

Mary Nnenna is the name behind the face of Healing Cave Lady, and she absolutely loves MedMassager!

As part of her practice, she takes on patients, conducts bioenergy scanning— a type of vibration testing that reads a person’s body systems checks and balances. A bioenergy scan is based on the combination of traditional homeopathic medicine and meridian-based acupuncture. Using the bioenergetic device runs a response test on a person’s meridian points and includes a comprehensive assessment from tens of thousands items scanned to see what will help restore balance.

Nnenna said she came across Medmassager at a Costco roadshow, where she felt compelled to purchase one. 

“I love how powerful and affordable they are,” Nnenna said. “I use my foot MedMassager at least four times a week. I prop up my foot massager on the couch on work days to keep my circulation moving on days I know I might be sitting a lot.”

Nnenna also noted that she uses her body MedMassager every evening with her kids, or whenever she feels she needs more circulation in her arms, back, or other areas of her body. 

Experts recommend individuals use our massagers for at least 20 minutes a day. Someone with a busy lifestyle, however; can still benefit greatly from using the massagers for less than the recommended amount of time. Nnenna uses her massagers between three to 15 minutes at a time— whenever she can squeeze it in, and mostly post work-outs or during working hours. 

“I want people to know that the MedMassagers are one of the most important decisions I made for me and my family’s health,” Nnenna said. “They are powerful, and the body massager is very convenient to move around the house.”

Nnenna knows that the price and weight of a massager is extremely important when it comes to budgeting, traveling or just the convenience of moving a device around the house.

Nnenna remarked how grateful she is for the MedMassagers, which help her to avoid the joint pain that accompanies the autoimmune diseases— Lyme disease and SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) that she battles.

“Everyone should own a MedMassager to prevent and or address pain or circulation issues,” Nnenna said.

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