Busy Mom, Business Owner and Fitness Guru: Meet Amber Orton

Busy Mom, Business Owner and Fitness Guru: Meet Amber Orton

Erin Rollins
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Fitness trainer, mother, and business owner, Amber Orton, recommends MedMassager for everyone.

As a fitness trainer and business owner, Amber Orton works long hours helping other people achieve their health and wellness goals, as well as maintaining her physique. Orton believes in clean eating, healthy living, and non-toxic beauty products.

Orton said she first heard about MedMassager eight months ago via social media. “I have always been interested in the healing properties specific to stimulating reflexology points through the feet,” Orton said. “I use essential oils, which often times are applied to the feet as a point of absorption, and have seen benefit in doing so.”

Orton mentioned the idea of an oscillating massager with nodules to stimulate reflexology points intrigued her. “I was very interested in using this [Foot] MedMassager while I worked to see if it helped my overall sense of well-being and healing,” she said.

Immediately, Orton noticed the benefits of the massager, as well as increased local circulation. “I love how I feel after using it. It stimulates the nervous system and helps me release tension!”

Orton mostly uses the massagers to stimulate local circulation in her feet and calves while she works in her office. “Often times, I feel tension in that area [of the ankle sprain] and up through my outer calf. I feel since using the Med Massager, it’s much less tight.”

One of the things Orton mentioned she loves about the MedMassager especially as a working mom, business owner and gym rat is that “it’s easy to multi-task and it feels great!”

Amber Orton is not just a physical trainer, but is also avid about personal health and wellness. She knows the benefit that proper circulation can have on the body. Orton noted that the MedMassagers stimulate local circulation and oxygen is necessary for every process in the body.

Orton has tried a number of different massaging products and says that now that she actually has the MedMassager, “There is no comparison.”

A little piece of advice from the guru herself? “I do understand it’s expensive, but it’s 100 percent worth the investment. I do believe this product is much different from any other I have come across or am familiar with for its healing ability and functionality,” she said.

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