An Interview With Sid Scheck— Salesman By Day, YouTuber by Night— And Overcoming Pain

An Interview With Sid Scheck— Salesman By Day, YouTuber by Night— And Overcoming Pain

Erin Rollins
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Sid Scheck, a salesman for a financial technology company by day and a YouTuber by night,  grew up in NYC and has lived in New York, Atlanta and Florida throughout his life.

Scheck recalls becoming interested in health and wellness during his young adult life. He ran the 1986 marathon in NYC at 17-years-old, moved to Atlanta to attend university, and played tennis all through college, but with sciatic pain.  “I was very active as I played on the team,” Scheck said about his devotion to tennis. “I had back issues, but played through the pain.”

This pain, however, did not stop Scheck from participating in other exercise regimens either. Ignoring the pain, however, would not be sustainable.

“In 2005, I moved to Florida from Atlanta, but kept having sciatic flare-ups, and stopped playing tennis altogether,” he said matter-of-factly. “I then started getting into riding a stand-up bike called the Elliptigo, but again I had sciatic flareups.”

Scheck reveled that during the time he rode the Elliptigo, he completed three-100 milers and really enjoyed riding the bike along the ocean. “Eventually I had to sell it and realize that I had to limit myself to swimming, working out, and just trying to avoid the continued pain coming and going,” he said.

In 2017, Scheck moved back to Atlanta and found other activities to satiate his love to move his body. The goal for these activities maintained to avoid pain and flare-ups. “I have been doing a lot of hiking and swimming since then,” he said.  “I’ve had less back pain and flare-ups because I’m not doing the types of activities to aggravate it.”

Navigating pain can be difficult for anyone. Scheck, however, has found other ways to help himself and others. “I found myself going to YouTube to look up stuff [to help my pain] and that’s when I decided to create a channel,” he said with a smile. “I thought it would be helpful to create a channel on products and tips that people might be looking for themselves.”

Nowadays, Sid Scheck works as a salesman by day and a YouTuber by night. He began doing YouTube videos in 2009, but started his SidsTips channel focusing on product review, tips, and personal experiences in 2012. Today, SidTips tops over 11.5k subscribers.

“I love sharing what is of interest to me and what I value I can share with others,” he said.


Questions and Answers With Sid Scheck:


Q: When did you first hear about MedMassager?

A: 2015 at Costco.

Q: What do you like about MedMassager?

A: Great massage and helped my with my plantar fasciitis pain.  Loved the tingling in my feet after the massage and relief to my feet.

Q: How often do you use the machines and for how long?

A: Several times a week when I get home from work while I am working at my computer for 10-15 minutes at a time.

Q: How have the massagers personally helped you?

A:Making my feet feel good!

Q: What do you want people to know about MedMassager?

A: Really does a great job.  It is unlike any massager you will ever use.  The tingling feel is awesome, and you will feel rejuvenated.

Q: What makes us different than the competition?

A: Gives an amazing vibration sensation and a tingling feel unlike any massager you will try.  They are powerful and work.

Q: Why is circulation important from your perspective?

A: Pain relief. As far as the health benefits of vibration, I am not that knowledgeable, but I know it feels good, gives me a good level of energy and helps so many people with blood circulation, which the MedMassager provides.

Q: Why should everyone own a MedMassager?

A: They are well-built and work!

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

A: Couldn’t be happier. My feet and body smile every time I turn on the massager.


The one thing Sid Scheck wants you to know? “I love my MedMassager and recommend it to everyone.”

For more of Sid’s product reviews on Youtube, follow him here:

YouTube: Sid’s Tips
IG: @Sidstips
Facebook: Sid’s Tips:
Twitter: @sidstips

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