Adventurer, Philanthropist, and Friend of MedMassager: Meet Steve Cannon

Adventurer, Philanthropist, and Friend of MedMassager: Meet Steve Cannon

Erin Rollins
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An adventurer at heart, a physical beast of a man, and a friend of MedMassager, meet Steve Cannon: 

Steve Cannon is a fat bike cycler, runner, and philanthropist. In 2009, Cannon became the second person to ever run across his home state of Iowa, raising nearly $3,500 in doing so. In 2012, Cannon became the first person to ever run around Lake Michigan, logging 1,037 miles in forty days, and raised over $30,000.

His largest fundraising event, however; took place in 2013 when he organized a cross country marathon relay through a group he started— “One Race Events” —and raised nearly $500,000.

Cannon’s adventures to date can be found on his website at . Some of his most notable adventures are listed here:

  • Cannon completed the Iditarod Trail in Alaska. This trail is known as one of the most challenging experiences on the planet; participants brave extreme physical, environmental and mental challenges as they work their way along the historic Iditarod Trail on bicycle, foot or skis.
  • In 2016, Cannon earned induction into the “Order of the Hrimthurs”— Ultra Endurance Triple Crown.
  • Cannon has completed the Tuscobia Winter 150 twice on his fat bike. He has three Arrowhead 135 Finishes and this year did so “unsupported”—meaning all food and water was carried from start to finish.
  • He has run nearly 100 marathons and has taken on the world’s longest kayak race.

In total, Cannon’s adventures have raised nearly $700,000 for several organizations including: Livestrong, Camp Kesem, and Above and Beyond Cancer.

Like any master of a craft, Cannon trains daily. As a result, the physical exertion takes a toll on his body. He uses the MedMassager to recoup, reduce pain and encourage circulation, and to relax.

“I LOVE massages, but they are not a reality for me after EVERY workout,” Cannon said. “The MedMassager allows me to recover daily.”

Cannon also raves about the function of the massagers: “Constant care heads off unnecessary soreness, which reduces downtime and assists dramatically with recovery,” he said. “Every time I’m done with a tough workout, it’s MedMassager time.” Cannon said that he spends about 10 minutes using the massagers after every workout .

Steve Cannon has some advice for people looking for a good massager, or those who are not as familiar with MedMassager: “It’s pretty simple, if your on your feet, a bike, skis or a surfboard, the Medmassager is the perfect companion once your done. [The massagers] keep me happy and healthy, and allow me to continue doing the things I love more often.”

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